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Name:Alexis Sanders
Birthdate:Jul 25

Alexis Warrick Alshire-Sanders


In an alternate time line, Greg Sanders of Las Vegas CSI was taken to the Digital World to aid in the battle against the Seven Demon Kings. It was here that he met a young woman from another world known as Amestris. Sabine Alshire and Greg fell in love during their time in the Digital World together. When things started to come to an end, they made a promise to do whatever it took to to find one another when it was all over.

Unfortunately after their return to their respective worlds the memories of their time in the Digital World began to fade as they were forced to take back up the lives that had been dropped in their absence. However fate was not entirely cruel, for Sabine's world and time line synced up with that of the late 1920's-30's of Greg's world. Sabine was able to live out the remainder of her natural life in Amestris in order to reborn through The Gate in to Greg's world and time.

After growing up in Chicago, IL and Little Rock, AK, she eventually graduated college to become a lab tech for crime scene teams, a career choice that eventually led her to Vegas and to meet Greg again. At first it was little more than a case of odd De Ja Vu, a feeling that they knew each other from somewhere, but the memories returned in a flood after an incindent on the field got Sabine shot in the stomach and landed her in the hospital for an extended period of time. After that, the two of them were inseperable.

Eventually they wed and shortly after had their first child, Matilda Johanne Alshire-Sanders. Matilda quickly proved to be just as sharp and intellegent as both her parents, learning many things at a very early age and putting them in the running for early entry in to school.

Two years later their second came along, a little boy they named Alexis Warrick Alshire-Sanders, 'Warrick' after Greg's close friend and coworker who had been murdered several years previous.

It wasn't long after that the family finally moved to a house outside of Vegas, in the smaller outskirt town of Laughlin, and while Greg and Sabine continued to work as CSI, they did everything they could to have as much family time as possible together.

Alexis was intellegent like his sister, but often didn't catch on to things as quickly as she did, and as such as they got older Matilda often felt the need to protect her little brother while also berating him for being 'less smart' than her. It was behavior that Greg and Sabine didn't exactly condone, but Matilda did well to hide it from them that she was rarely caught being so mean to him. Alexis rarely tattled on her, either, as he knew that his sister did love him despite how harsh she was.

When Alexis started at the same school as Matilda, the trend persisted, often earning Alexis even more teasing by older students when it was revealed he could barely stand up for himself. He was far too kind and gentle a soul to do little more than cry when bullied, and more often that not it caused problems when Matilda would get in trouble for fighting on his behalf. Already there were issues with just how intellegent both children were, as they both excelled in their studies far more than anyone their age. The rifts it was causing with the other students coupled with the fights prompted the school to contact their parents and present the issue at hand. Something would have to change or they might not be able to continue attending school.

After much deliberation, they consulted Greg's fellow team mate Cathrine Willows, who recommended a private school that she'd sent her teenage daughter to named Butterfield. Though the school would be able to keep a tighter reign on Matilda, it was also large enough that her and Alexis would be seperated most of the time, meaning that he would have to learn to stand on his own two feet if he was going to get through it.

Just as they were about to start at Butterfield, though, both Alexis and Matilda were taken to the Digital World for reasons unknown.


Alexis is a stark contrast to his elder sister, and even quite a bit different than both parents. While intelligent for his young age, he shares none of his father's self confidence, and is shy to a fault. He's cautious, often fearful of the world around him when he's alone, and from time to time the voice of reason to the far more impulsive and mouthy Matilda. Unfortunately it takes a lot for Matilda to listen to him because her competitive nature makes it difficult. Regardless of the small rift it sometimes puts between them, Alexis is very attached to Matilda, and gets very upset when she's not around to protect him. Same goes for his parents.

Though he has mild an interest in chemistry, it's not nearly as strong as the rest of the family, and while he doesn't have any idea what he wants to do when he grows up he's certain it won't be in science or law enforcement. Even at five years old he simply doesn't have any interest in either.

Like his father, though, Alexis has a good sense of humor, is always wanting to learn more about the world, and has a particular fondness for learning unusual or new words.


Alexis' Lopmon is a very happy, very hyper and often too curious for his own good. He enjoys exploring, and loves finding and learning new things that he doesn't already know about. He bonds quickly with young children, which makes him a good choice for Alexis.

He is very protective of those he considers family, be them human or digimon. He makes friends easily, and will do all he can to keep them safe, even though he is not a particularly skilled fighter. Sometimes this can spell trouble, because he doesn't always know when to back off and when he's in over his head.

This is because he's very much in the role of big brother already, having been one to a colony of Lopmon/Terriermon. Unfortunately an attack on their group resulted in several getting tama'd when he couldn't protect them, and since then he's carried a very stubborn sense of lost pride and a need to redeem himself by keeping others safe.


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